It is currently 1:41 am, 8 days into the new year and I have finally run out of excuses for why I haven’t started this blog. In exactly 17 days I will be moving half way across the country for 6 months and if I don’t start this blog now and continue with it throughout that duration of time I know I will forever regret it so here we go. Tonight the 2018 golden globes aired and I was flooded with a rush of inspiration after hearing Oprah Winfreys incredible speech upon accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Most notably, Oprah eloquently declared, “I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon!” Could it be true? Could we really be at that pivotal point in history where a new era is upon us? A more righteous, more ethical era? With trumps election last year, there was so much uncertainty with what might come and a whole lot of fear. While there is so much that can be said for all that he has done wrong, if nothing else, I continue to hang onto the one good thing I feel has come from his presidency. Yes, we watched as excuses were made for his blatantly sexist and racist remarks. We watched as he became the forefront of this bigotry, cheered on by a group of people who courtesy of Trump,  have recently felt that their narrow-minded opinions hold some sort of falsified power in society. However, we must remember these people were always around, protected and hidden in the highest of corporations and living by the lowest ideals of morality, these people always existed and now there presence is undeniable. So beneath the fear and anguish, I think a strong and perhaps new sense of unity has come to be. Trumps election caused America and the world at large to step back and face these existing PREVALENT issues head first. Amongst the chaos and dysfunction, movements have been started and they’ve been started by diverse groups of individuals that come from all kinds of backgrounds whether that be in politics, ethnicity, religion etc. We as young women and men are being looked at by our elders to start to pave a path of resilience. After all, we are the future. Earlier this month I had the privilege of hearing Michelle Obama speak about education and equality for girls and women around the world. There are really no words to encapsulate the brilliance of that woman. Throughout the conference, Michelle continued to emphasized the power bestowed upon our generation to really change what has become wrongfully accepted over the years. To rewrite what should and should not be tolerated and take it upon ourselves to not give up until our voices are heard. I am going to use this platform as an outlet for what I have to say. Whether that be to do with politics, fashion, travel, or just life in general, they are no rules. So that concludes my first and certainly not my last rant on this blog.

Till next time,



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